ORA ET LABORA, 2015-2016
convent Magdenau

What does «labour» mean for nuns and monks? Is praying work or working prayer? What does work even mean to them?
There is a balance between manual and spiritual work.

The final project was published in form of an interactive web documentary (clausura.myliennguyen.ch),
in a print magazine and was part of an transmedial exhibition in September 2016 in Lucerne.

interactive web documentary, 2016

-ing magazine, 2016

-ing exhibition, 2016, Lucerne

The exhibition was produced in cooperation with Aurel Fischer, Jessica Prinz, Olivia Sasse and Cécile Jund.
The magazine was designed by Thi My Lien Nguyen.

Transmedia Storytelling, Camera Arts, University of Applied Science Lucerne, 2015-2016

using allyou.net