Viet-Lao, 2016, ongoing

My family's Viet-Lao and I've always noticed those little "remarks" on the differences of Viet-Lao people to the "original" Vietnamese people.
Especially in the kitchen - the taste and the flavour of the Viet-Lao kitchen is much more to my taste, because it's home to me, therefore whenever I eat in Vietnam I kind of miss some flavour in it. This is just one little example of how I experienced the differences between those very similar folks of people.
This was my starting point, following into a question: What makes them different? Is it only a mixture of two cultures, the Vietnamese and the Laotian or is there some kind of development of a new culture?

lifestyle of a typical Vietnamese family in Paksé, Laos, 2016

recreating space, experiment, 2016